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Education and Scientific Station, which is a separate subdivision of RSHU, was founded at the basis of the University's stationary expedition.

The Station lies in the south-western part of Valaam Island, on the very shore of Lake Ladoga, far from the touristic routes, in the midst of a valuable coniferous forest, which is very interesting from scientific viewpoint.

The purposes of the station are the field practice of the students of the University; ecological, geographical and biological scientific research; a complex monitoring of the coastal zone of the Valaam Archipelago, the small forest lakes and some forest areas of Valaam Island. We have been conducting ecological monitoring of the coastal zone of Lake Ladoga since 1998, and have accumulated a considerable experience in the study of Lake Ladoga and the small lakes of the Archipelago.

Scientific research and educational activities at Valaam (a regional protected area), situated at a distance of 30 km from the nearest mainland, are impossible without the supporting infrastructure based o n the principle of rational nature use. At present, the Station's infrastructure consists of 1) laboratory facilities; 2) boat moorage; 3) small boats; 4) Diesel engine; 5) water utilization system. Arranging the amenities for students and staff members is an important task of the Station.

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